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Our approach to career-connect learning is about meeting the needs of our students. We know that public education is about the community, and so that’s where we determine our program needs and decide how to match our resources. Our program is created around the kids and mentors that make them happen, not the other way around.

Our students try a bit of everything. Every week, they work with various teachers and community leaders to try new things and explore different trades and skills. We’re focused on challenging our kids and introducing them to what’s out there. Even if it is so that they know what they don’t want to be later in life. Here's a glimpse at some of the programs we offer:



Partnering with Gary Bolick, owner of Southern Appalachian Wood, our woodworking classes take kids through the journey of transforming a fallen tree into usable lumber. They get hands-on experience crafting their own cutting boards to take home, instilling practical skills and a deep appreciation for craftsmanship.



Under the guidance of Lee Trebotich, owner of Food for Adventures, our culinary program rolls out in a custom outdoor kitchen. Not only do students make the daily lunches for the program, but they also engage in friendly culinary competitions. These contests teach them everything from creating marinara and chili from scratch to crafting homemade ice cream and bread pudding. Yum!



Diamond Brand helps kids make drawstring backpacks and tote bags from recycled tent canvas, introducing them to sewing machine skills and enabling them to personalize their creations with patches. 


Cane Creek Cycling Components delves into the world of bicycle product creation and marketing. Students get to bring their own innovative design ideas to the table and then figure out how to get them to market and create a sales plan.


The Asheville Recyclery shares essential bike mechanics knowledge, leaving participants confident in fixing flat tires and caring for their bicycles.

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This program takes kids from beekeeping with Garren Creek Apiaries and gardening to birding, all the way to orientation and Leave No Trace principles. We're dedicated to nurturing a loving and protective approach towards the environment and sustainable practices.

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